Lil Baby is currently sitting on top of the rap world after the release of his new album My Turn. With the album blazing in the street, he pulled up to MTV’s Fresh Out Live to talk the album and the Lil Wayne feature he received on “Forever.”

The output from Lil Baby over the last couple of years have drawn him comparison to Lil Wayne, which the former considers an honor.

“I’m definitely honored! That’s the perfect word for it,” Lil Baby shared. “Even if it’s far-fetched to somebody, but just for more than one person to compare me to somebody like him I’m definitely honored and it makes me want to go harder.”

But as any other Hip-Hop head would be, Lil Baby was initially nervous to be around Weezy F. Baby.

“See I’ve [gotten] over the nervous thing, but he’s the only rapper when I did meet him, I was kinda nervous. Everybody else I meet, I don’t really be too fazed, but with Wayne I definitely was kind of nervous,” Lil Baby said.

You can see the full appearance on Fresh Out Live, where Lil Baby talks about receiving his GED and more below.