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Patrick Mahomes is arguably the best quarterback in the NFL. Would you believe he isn’t that removed from learning how to be a quarterback?

Mahomes said on a preview of HBO’s The Shop that he literally learned how to play quarterback in his junior year of high school and he just learned how to read defenses until last year.

“I didn’t understand how to read defenses until halfway through last year,” Mahomes said in an upcoming episode of HBO’s ‘The Shop: Uninterrupted.’ “I understood coverages but how to be able to pick up little tendencies defenses do … I was just playing. This year I could actually recognize more and more stuff and I think the more experienced and the more I learn then I’ll be able to go out there and call plays and do that different stuff because I’ve seen it, and I still think there’s a long way for me to go there.”

Mahomes has already won both a league and Super Bowl MVP in his short three-year career. Mahomes admitting to only now understanding defenses is a terrifying thought for opposing teams looking to stop the Chiefs offense.


If this is the start of Mahomes’ playing career, he is primed for an all-time great career going forward.

The new episode of The Shop will air on Saturday, March 7 at 10 p.m. ET on HBO