Hip-Hop has a way of making everything a little more fly.

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Remember those old dry nursery rhymes that your parents used to read you? Well now, a popular YouTuber has created a rhyme to go with this children’s story and added a little Atlanta trap to it, creating a total bop that you can use with little ones in your life.

He categorizes it as the Three Little Pig’s tale with a twist. That would be putting it mildly. He flips it and updates the ditty with references that any child would immediately get… while connecting them to a legacy of old school storytelling.


“Trap 3 Little Pigs” song —which has also been made into two actual books— is about a hungry wolf who wants some pork on his fork for his dinner. But three pigs are not about to let this big bad wolf come and eat them up.

In a press release it states, “Although the story is structured as a children’s book, the mixture of modern pop culture references and relatable humor is meant to be enjoyed by all ages. The words in this version of the story are accurate to the lyrics in the “Trap 3 Little Pigs” song.”