With coronavirus still running rapidly across the world, Coachella may be the next large scale public event to get canceled. The county where Coachella is held just received its first case of the virus, according to TMZ.

Dr. Cameron Kaiser, Riverside County public health officer, revealed Sunday that someone is being quarantined at the Eisenhower Medical Center, 25 minutes from the Coachella festival site. The person is considered to be “presumptive positive for coronavirus.”

Speaking with the L.A. Times, Kaiser stated that a ban could follow on social gatherings. That could potentially stop the Coachella festival from happening.

“If we do make an emergency declaration based on changes in local conditions, as a public health officer I do have the ability to shut down such large gatherings,” he said. “We would do so with as much lead time as possible.”

Coronavirus already halted SXSW. The Austin, Texas-based festival was canceled after Apple, Amazon, Netflix and more pulled out the festival in fear of the virus.

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