It is like a bad movie that just won’t end.

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The COVID-19 aka the Coronavirus has the world in its grips and is a weirdly ironic shift of events, the President of the United States has recently been exposed to two congressmen that were at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPA) last week.

Both of them have made announcements stating that they will be entering self-quarantine after they spent time with someone at the heavily Republican pow wow who had recently been diagnosed with the dreaded virus.


This is what the reports are saying:

President Trump shook hands with the Georgia Representative, Doug Collins on Friday. He also got close with Florida Representative Matt Gaetz on Air Force One Monday from Florida to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. The Coronavirus can be spread by touch and by being in close proximity.

More people are concerned about Gaetz and the president’s interaction than the Collins handshake (even though that hand-to-hand contact is all you need to get got.)

The New York Times, states that Gaetz apparently found out about his exposure while he was on the flight with Trump. An hour after he got off the flight, he went public with the news that he was exposed to the virus.

No one from the White House is talking. Remarkably, Mr. Twitter Fingers has nothing to say either.

As you scroll through his tweets, you see some rants about the New York Times… and you see this…

Wonder in the fake news made this up too. As of now, both congressmen said they don’t have any symptoms of the virus. And Gaetz, who must be incredibly stressed out, has been tested “and expects results soon.”

But wait… there’s more…

Remember last week, when Rep. Gaetz tried to mock the hysteria that the fake news is creating around the virus? Well… he is singing a different story now and people are not letting him forget. Oh sweet, Jesus, the irony of it all.