The state of California’s officials prepares to receive thousands of people from the Diamond Princess cruise ship, affected by the coronavirus. The ship has been idling in San Francisco with at least 21 passengers infected with the virus.

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At an 11 acre site, at the Port of Oakland, fences were being installed as officials readied buses and flights for the 3500 passengers on the ship. The passengers will be released into military bases or their home countries for a 14-day quarantine.

The death toll in the United States from the virus has reached 21. Dr.John Redd, U.S. Department and Health Services made a statement saying, “We’re making every effort to get them iff the ship as safely and quickly as possible.”


Officials chose to dock the ship to Oakland because of how close it is to a military base and airport. California residents, Steven and Michele Smith hope that their time spent on the ship in quarantine counts towards the 14 days that everyone is expected to exclude themselves. The mayor of Oakland alongside Governor Gavin Newsom has assured residents of California that those on the ship will not be exposed to the public.

Classes in California have been canceled, once the news broke that a family in the school district became infected with the virus. The school is located in the largest district in Northern California, carrying around 64,000 students.

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