Lil Yachty goes full talk show host.

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This comes as an unexpected surprise. Earlier on Monday, Lil Boat took to his Instagram to announce his latest single, “Oprah’s Bank Account.”

Yachty’s newest single not only featured two Hip-Hop heavy hitters in Drake and DaBaby, but a hilarious video to go along with it. In the Director X directed music video, Lil Yachty takes the role of Boprah and imitates the incomparable Oprah Winfrey. As Boprah, Lil Boat interviews both Drake and Da Baby. Although Drizzy and Baby play themselves, their acting abilities are on full display. As we know, the 4-time Grammy award-winning rapper is no stranger to the big screen.


Drake speaks on reaching his inner LSC (you’ll find out what that means), mumble rap and TikTok, while Da Baby speaks on his catchy ad-libs and criticism from people who says his songs lack diversity in sound.

“Oprah’s Bank Account” is the first collaboration between Drake and Da Baby. Yachty deserves applause for facilitating the feature. With this early of a link-up, fans hope this is a foreshadow for more 6 God and Da Baby songs in the future.

Check out the MUST WATCH video for “Oprah’s Bank Account” below.