On International Women’s Day, the world’s largest cities were covered by women who protested against gender violence and inequality. Some protest was peaceful and others turned out to be a little more aggressive than the rest, leading some protestors to be arrested at a rally in Kyrgyzstan after police used tear gas to break up the group of protestants.

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“In many different ways or forms, women are being exploited and taken advantage of,” said a representative of a Filipino advocacy group, Arlene Brosas. Protesters near the area marched for job security, higher pay, and that President Rodrigo Duterte respects women’s rights.

Protestants who tried to march near Istanbul’s main Taksim Square, which is “off-limits” were separated by tear gas from Turkish officials. Despite the efforts of the authorities, women still tried to break through police barricades in efforts to get to the unauthorized territory. Turkish officials also fired blanks into the crowd.


In Mexico, more than 10 women are killed each day, usually at the hands of their male partners. Mothers of murder victims led a Sunday’s march followed by supporters who yelled to the protestants in support. “I don’t want to be the next one and I don’t want my mother to be the next one,” said a public University student, Ana Paula Santos.

One of the chants that were being yelled by the protestors were, “They kill us, then rape us, and nobody does anything.” Activist Julia Parbotin stated, “They should provide resources for shelters for women, victims of violence, real resources, human resources, also prevention programs for violent men.” “Enough impunity!” chanted the protestors.

18-year-old University student, Natalia Olalde says, “We want to be free and safe.” Further explaining her plan to join the women’s strike as well, vowing to stay indoors as a protest.

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