Young Mills is destined for greatness, and he’s aiming to make timeless music that will outlive his children. The Brooklyn rapper ensures to remain authentic his lyrics. “I feel like a lot of artists in this day and age talk about a lot of things they’re not involved in or have NEVER done for that matter,” Mills said.

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“What makes ME different from other artists ONLY being able to speak for myself is MY authenticity. A lot of my musical content I can say I have once done before,” he added.

Mills hopes to one day collaborate with the likes of JAY-Z, Cam’ron and Jadakiss. But until then he plans to keep his eyes out the prize and doesn’t want to get too caught up in the popularity contest. “Someone once asked what’s more important to me stream or followers To ME streams are more important than followers because STREAMS=REVENUE my top 5 dead or alive are Biggie Smalls…Jay-Z…Cam’ron…Big Pun…Big L.”


Hopefully that’s what I can achieve from the viewers look out for me the road to success is long but it’s worth the travel. Check out “Bag Boy” here.

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