In more, it just got real news, Google has issued a mandate that all their North American employees work from home.

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The culprit for this massive telework edict is, you guessed it, coronavirus aka COVID-19.

The digital behemoth issued the order on Tuesday and it marks one of the biggest work from home orders in the U.S. to-date. The Google offices remain open for employees whose roles are so crucial they have to still show up.


However, according to Forbes, a Google spokesperson said the goal is to reduce the density of people in offices. They believe this may slow down the spread of the virus and reduce the burden on local health resources.

Before Tuesday’s announcement, Google employees in New York and California could work optionally from home. However, it was recommended that employees in Seattle work remotely. Seattle’s first confirmed COVID-19 case was announced less than two weeks ago. But the area’s response is already at Level 1 and Level 2, according to the Seattle Times.

Don’t Play With My Check

Google is establishing a COVID-19 fund to pay for sick leave and wages for janitors, cafe workers and other third-party vendors whose hours will be reduced.

Other large tech companies with offices in Seattle and the Bay Area, like Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Twitter, have followed suit. Google’s strategy is the most expansive telecommute policy to date.

Forget Netflix and chill, these employees will Netflix and build to pay those bills.