In hard body news, former UFC champ, Joanna Jedrzejczyk wants to run back her split decision loss to Zhang Weili at UFC 248.

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“I want to fight the best, its the next step, yes. Let’s rock n roll again, you know, let’s dance again!”

The champ suffered a face altering hematoma after the title fight which most MMA fans consider an instant classic. The two went back and forth toe-to-toe for five-round with neither backing down.


“I feel good, calm, quiet [and] surrounded by good people,” Joanna told TMZ. “People who love me so much, my family.”

The massive hematoma on her forehead has luckily gone down in size.

“I couldn’t see for two days because of the gravitation. Now it’s fine so I can see and my whole face is good. There is no swelling on my forehead it’s more in my cheeks and my neck. It’s going down so it’s much better.

“I have a very bad ear their lots of blood in my ear but I scheduled surgery in Poland with the best plastic surgeon. I will have a small procedure on my ear and the swelling will go down but its nothing serious. UFC is always taking good care of the medical stuff.”

Joanna said she had an ultrasound and an x-ray on her organs and credited UFC President Dana White with taking care of her. As for her opponent, she dismissed any bad blood and gave her nothing but respect.

“It doesn’t matter what either of us say before the fight it’s about how we perform and how we put on the hard work in the camp and we both definitely did. She wants to train with me and I said of course, why not.”

After the way Joanna’s face looked from that fight, she is the most real in the game for wanting to do it again.