Teyana Taylor has dropped the video for her song “We Got Love” and it is a beautiful homage to love, Blackness and culture.

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The 2019 song features Lauryn Hill, but not her singing or rapping.

Lauryn is spitting wisdom as only she can do.


“Above all you keep your clarity
You keep your focus
You keep your sense of love
And you keep your sense of purpose
Those are, they’re integral
You know, they’re key
You know, um a lot of people define success differently
You know for me
You can have everything
You could have all the money in the world
But if its not enjoyable, if its not sustainable, you know
If you can’t be a person of integrity while having all these things
What does it matter?
What does it mean?
The value is internal
Your value is internal”

Also spotlit in her video are her daughter and husband. Check out the video and see if you are not as inspired as we are.

Kanye West co-wrote “We Got Love.” The song was originally meant to appear on Taylor’s Kanye-produced, 2018 album K.T.S.E., but was cut from the LP due to sample clearance issues.

Last year, Taylor and Kehlani shared a song called “Morning.” Taylor directed the music video for that track as well.