New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has issued a statement that gatherings of people 500 or more are not to congregate. Thus for the State of New York, sporting events, concerts, Broadway shows, restaurants, schools and so many other large meetings are being prohibited.

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That also means churches.

Christian churches will not be “passing the Peace of Christ,” but making adjustments as they try to figure out how to deal with Sunday Service and the COVID-19.


Concerns are arises as Christians have to determine what they will do about corporate prayers, hugging each other, share the sacred meal that requires many to exchange the bread and wine of Eucharist. While participating in any of this, one might contract the coronavirus from a member that might not know that they have it.

New York is not the only place folk are concerned about their religious institutions.

As NPR has reports, Christian churches, in various denominations are shifting how they do communion.

The Episcopal Dioceses of Los Angeles asked their congregations to stop sipping from the communal communion cup. Roman Catholics and other denominations that practice similarly are also proposing to forego this aspect of these sacraments.

On the contrary, The Greek Orthodox Church released a statement saying that they will (based on their holy doctrine) continue. They do not believe that “the coronavirus can be transmitted via communion wine or wafer.”

An alternative to gathering for worship is for churches to host online services. That is most certainly going to have some pastors up in arms and could possibly cause financial hardships for churches that live Sunday to Sunday based on congregational offerings and tithes.

Christian churches are not the only religious institutions that are being affected.

This goes for Jewish synagogues who are currently entering into the Purim holiday and also in Islamic Masjids that are incredibly intimate in the way that their practice worship.

Check out what Twitter is saying about this. Some are looking at how seriously religious bodies are taking the pandemic, others make light of something that could definitely shift how folk worship. Some even think that there is a conspiracy connected to the Black church and the elections. Where does your House of Worship fall?