If it’s one thing that Nicki Minaj takes full pride in, it is her ability to write her own raps. She has embodied this attitude from day 1. Full Force recently stopped by The Breakfast Club. The group talks about the hunger they witnessed early one in Nicki’s career. First and foremost, if you’re not familiar with Full Force, take a moment to do your Googles. The singer-songwriting and production sextet has written and produced for some of the music’s biggest artists.

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The superstar list includes James Brown, Brittany Spears, Patti LaBelle, Lil Kim, Selena and more. Full Force is an underrated group that needs more attention. 3 members of Full Force played the bully trio of Stab, Pee-Wee and Zilla in the 1990 classic film, House Party.

The group worked with a young Nicki Minaj prior to her signing to Young Money. Back then, she was apart of the rap group, Hood$tars, which included her ex, Safarree, although a number of the group members objected to SB’s inclusion. After struggling to get the group a record deal, they begin working with Nicki as a solo artist.


They recall taking Nicki to Warner Bros’ former executive VP, Kevin Liles. Following the meeting, the label suggested that a ghostwriter for Nicki, which happened to be Juelz Santana. Minaj quickly turned it down because she took pride in her pen.

“At the time, they wanted Juelz Santana to write for her and she refused,” said B-Fine. “Nicki always had a thing about writing her own sh*t.” The rest is history. As anyone would, Full Force admired that quality about Nicki.

Peep the full interview on The Breakfast Club below.