When people hear that Blastmaster KRS-One is coming to town to show up and show out, it’s almost unanimous that everybody who knows would be down to go without question. if you add the recent coronavirus scare to the equation, well, that may change a few minds. In New York City, where a state of emergency has just been declared because of the deadly virus, KRS-One and friends put the pandemic in the back and made the music the priority of the night in Sony Hall.

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A capacity crowd packed into the Times Square location despite warnings from government officials about large crowds in confined spaces. Hip Hop royalty took over the building and the fans were only getting infected with the original boom-bap. Sadat X of the legendary Brand Nubian crew took to the stage first with DJ Alamo on the 1s and 2s, rocking hits from his collabs with Lord Jamar and Grand Puba as well as hits from his solo projects. The World Famous DJ Kid Capri got the crowd warmed up with some classics. It didn’t take long before he brought out DJ Scratch(EPMD, ScratchVision), who showed the amateur DJs and other people who play music, a master at work. All of this was just preparation for “The Teacha” to enter the stage.

Sometime around 11 pm, KRS took to the stage and just followed Capri’s lead before jumping into his familiar hits. Kris brought out a few of his collaborators including the Awesome Two(Chuck Chillout and Teddy Ted) and Hakim Green of Channel Live(“Mad Izm”). KRS, with his extensive catalog, went into the vaults, with Kid Capri even pulling out an almost forgotten about live freestyle that he performed himself to the amazement of the BDP founder.


The night ended peacefully and without incident or infection. One thing that was discussed backstage among a few of the artists was that, because of this vicious not so new virus, this show could very well be the last of its type in the Rotten Apple for some time to come.