Dancehall crooner Charly Black taps the songwriting and R&B maven Ne-Yo to enter his reggae world to drop a sultry new song titled “Over Again.” Black Divulges into the subject matter about multiple topics about love; the deep thinking subject matter gets perfectly balanced out by the dancehall production. 

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The single has the duo going back and forth about falling in love with a woman. Despite the challenges a relationship can bring, they are falling in love with their respective woman to the point that they think about their partner all the time. 

The hook has Ne-Yo reiterating the point that everything he thinks or feels about his lady, it’s always in his mind hence him stating, “Over and over and over again!” 


Sophisticated but light-hearted, Black and Ne-Yo present listeners a perfect balance of vibrant feelings of joy but with a more profound idea of discussing multiple ideologies of love. Ne-Yo’s smooth swan song style of singing evens out Charly’s catchy and seductive reggae tone. 

“I think about us making love over and over and over again!” – Ne-Yo

Charly intends to use the single as one of his main tracks for his upcoming untitled album, which currently has no release date. An official is in the works for the video, which more details will be announced soon.