More charges are coming up for the disgraced Chicago singer, R. Kelly. There are more under-aged girls saying that he had sex with them. Some saying that he knowingly gave her and others herpes. Another report says that he also took these minors across state lines without permission from their parents.

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After the feds filed new charges against him in Chicago, the updated indictment was filed in Brooklyn.

It is just a mess, but are the charges real?


His attorney does not believe that the most recent allegations against his client are.

Douglas Anton, Kelly’s lawyer, gave a response:

“It is unclear why the government, in speaking to Jane Doe #3, for example, would not have garnered from her these additional factual allegations in the over one year they have been speaking with her already.”

He still maintains his innocent… but…

If you remember, there was a young lady that appeared on the Surviving Doc and she said he infected her. Listen to her testimony.