On Friday, Jay Electronica finally dropped his debut album after over a decade since releasing Eternal Sunshine. The project was released to positive reviews and featured Jay-Z, Travis Scott, and The Dream.

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However, Peter Rosenberg took offense to one of the phrases on the album with Jay Elec’s use of the phrase “Synogauge of satan.”

Rosenberg then realized that the phrase had been used twice by Jay Elec. The time Rosenberg referred to was in a 2014 song “Better in Tune With the Infinite.” Electronica raps, “My feet might fail me, my heart might ail me/The synagogues of Satan might accuse or jail me.” Elec uses the same phrase in the song “Ghost Of Soulja Slim” where he raps, “And I bet you a Rothschild I get a bang for my dollar/The synagogue of Satan want me to hang by my collar.”


Rosenberg’s morning show co-host Ebro Darden then came to tell Rosenberg that the phrase is actually used in the bible, and came with the receipts. But Rosenberg said that it came from the New Testament.

Jay Elec saw what was going on and came to his own defense, saying that Rosenberg should take his grievances up with the writers of the New Testament. He then fired a string of tweets at Rosenberg.

In now-deleted tweets, Jay stated that,

“We sat down in an interview before and talked about my stance in these matters and it’s there for anyone to go pull up. we’re you offended then? then you quoted better in tune w the infinite which was released in 2014

so what #AWrittenTestimony made you go back and listen to BITWTI and you were retro offended? if you have a problem w the term Synagouge of Satan, don’t take it up w me, take it up w the writers of the New Testament. Don’t play w me Peter, i ain’t the one. and you know this.

i come in peace and i go in peace. let’s keep it that way.”

He continued his string of tweets saying “clout chasing is at an all time high,” and that he stands by every word said on his album.

Jay Elec ended his string of tweets by challenging Rosenberg to hold a discussion about the meaning of the “Synagogue of Satan” with theology scholars. Rosenberg answered back to the tweet inviting Jay back to his show.