Snoop Dogg dished on the highly successful signing of the late rapper/actor Tupac Shakur to Death Row Records.

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The Doggfather appeared on this week’s episode of SHOWTIME Basketball’s video podcast ALL THE SMOKE WITH MATT BARNES AND STEPHEN JACKSON.

“He was my friend before Death Row [Records]. Building a brotherhood with him, so when he was locked up, naturally, I spoke to Suge [Knight] and was like we need to get cuz out and put him with us. Because he will make us better.

“He’s going to push me…Just because we need his spirit here. That was the first successful free agency acquisition that I acquired with Suge Knight as like a general manager.”

The trio discussed Snoop’s upbringing and his path in the music and acting industries. He also discussed his relationship with Nipsey Hussle.


“Nipsey leaves a legacy of gangsterism, business, education, mentorship, and future. Just because he touched on everything that I spoke on. And he knew it.

“We didn’t know it, nobody really knew how deep cuz was while he was here. We was rolling with him so we was enjoying the experience. When you fully get to enjoy the experience, then you understand.”

Snoop talked about the moment his life changed forever when he was acquitted for murder.

“Once I did get acquitted, my whole mission was to be a better person, a better man. If that meant cutting certain people out of my life, that’s what it meant…So, when you’ve got things like that, where life is on the line, it’s easy to make a decision…It was real for me, but at the same time, it was necessary, because that’s what kept me alive.”

Barnes, Jackson, and Snoop also debated the rivalry between the Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers and which team is the favorite to win the West. Snoop revealed his feeling on Dwight Howard and how he’s impressed him since coming to the Lakers.

“I gotta give him a shoutout. The new Dwight Howard, he’s a comeback player of the year [Most improved]…The way he looked last year to now, he looks good…He look amazing right now. His spirit, his look, his rebounding, his defense…I watch the Lakers. That’s my squad.”