Singer Keri Hilson sent the internet into a frenzy after she tweeted a conspiracy theory that suggests people can catch the Coronavirus from 5G. 

In a series of tweets she begins, “People have been trying to warn us about 5G for YEARS. Petitions, organizations, studies. What we’re going through are the effects of radiation she shared along with some screenshots.

Hilson continues to say that she watched a Youtube video on the subject and researched it for herself!


“ I watched the below vid @chakabars IG this am, watch it! I also have a friend who’s been showing me youtube videos over the past year on the physical/human effects of 4 & 5G. Research for myself today re: COVID19 connections were quite peculiar. And after all I’ve Read, believable

It didn’t take long for Twitter uses to see this statement and take Ms. Keri Baby to task about her comments.

One thing is for sure, people don’t always need to come to Twitter with their opinions all of the time. It’s okay to log off the internet and have those conversations with your friends or family members.