Steph Curry and his wife, Ayesha Curry are the latest NBA players to help the families that are getting the sh*tty end of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Multiple schools in the Bay Area are closing as a response to the Coronavirus threat, and unfortunately, many low-income students depend on the school’s meals. That’s why the married couple is stepping up to help families who are worried about feeding their children.

The Currys’ plan to donate 1 million meals to underprivileged students via their foundation, Eat.Learn.Play, to the Alameda County Community Food Bank.


The couple made the announcement in a video that was uploaded to Twitter after news broke that schools in the Oakland Unified School District will be temporarily closed through April 5.

“The world is changing before our eyes in terms of dealing with the spread of the coronavirus,” Curry said in the clip. “We just found out that the Oakland school district is closing their doors for the foreseeable future, so we want to intercede on behalf of the kids that rely on their daily services and try to help in any way that we can.”