Being able to describe oneself as a ‘cult leader’ and it actually be true is no small feat, but it is a title held by LX Xander, the founder of LA based, British run music production house & artist development company Ghostcraft.

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With a plethora of credits under their belt, including Hip Hop legends like Future, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, Gucci Mane & Hopsin as well as a variety of major TV placements (FOX, VH1, VICE & more), Ghostcraft has certainly been busy since the company’s official birth in early 2018.

“Hip Hop has become the dominant stylistic force in modern music,” says the black-eyed, tattooed LX Xander. “As a producer, it’s an absolute joy to create because it’s actually pretty boundless.”


“Lots of people think they can invent their wheel from scratch,” begins the self proclaimed “eccentric genius’” King Wizard, when asked about artist development. “They are dead wrong. When an artist has the genuine self confidence to accept great feedback and direction, that’s when they’re going to fulfill their potential and start making music that really connects with their audience.”

“There has actually never really been a better time than right now to be putting out content,” says Ghostcraft’s business manager Oliver ‘Big Papa’ Harvey about quarantine time. “Social media, streaming sites… everyone’s eyes are fixed on their screens.” Wizard adds, “If having extra free time stops you from creating, then you shouldn’t be doing music in the first place.”