The tune of the coronavirus warning Cardi B posted on her Instagram page has gone viral. We love her comedic true hood Brooklyn princess self that keeps it real.

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She states, “A lot of you motherfuckers think it’s a joke like I was thinking, right? Just because you think you’re immune to it, guess what? Your pocket ain’t, bitch,” Cardi said. “A lot of shit comes from motherfucking China, bitch. So if you’re wondering why your motherfucking weave or your Fashion Nova motherfucking packages haven’t arrived, guess what, bitch? Coronavirus! Coronavirus! I’m telling you, shit is real. Shit is getting real. Bitch, I’m scared.”

The viral announcement has turned to a hit song that is on Apple Music and rising the charts. It has been circulating a few days of the video about the threat and DJ IMarkkeyz remixed it which later became one of the top 10 singles.


The song has earned the No. 1 spot on iTunes in Bulgaria, Egypt, and Brazil and is currently No. 8 in the United States, according to NBC News.

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