Within the last year, the ongoing custody battle between Jocelyn Hernandez and Stevie J has not been a secret. The two share a three-year-old daughter together, Bonnie Bella Jordan.

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Last year, rumors broke that the former Love and Hip Hop couple were in the midst of battling for custody of their daughter. Stevie J allegedly won that custody battle. A week later, custody was reversed, granting Jocelyn the primary custody of her daughter. Jocelyn went on social media to address the rumors, stating that the judge never granted Stevie J primary custody of their daughter. It seems as though those claims may be false after all.

In a clip of an upcoming episode of Marriage Bootcamp, fans get to see the moment the news was broken to Jocelyn that she would be losing primary custody of her three-year-old daughter. It’s safe to say the PuertoRican Princess was devastated after hearing the news. “The judge gave the father the custody of my baby. Oh my God. It’s being told to me that I have to let m daughter go with her father because my baby daddy is trying to take custody. So I feel like my life is falling apart. I don’t know what to do,” she cried.


A therapist on the show, Dr.Ish comforted Jocelyn at this moment telling her, “Look at me. There is no judge on this planet who wants to take a kid away from a mom who’s fit. You are not an unfit mother. It’s beyond a hard situation and it makes you feel like you’re not doing your job as mom doesn’t it? So, you got to make a call to your baby. You’re going to have to say bye for a little while. Because what they need is stability.”

Jocelyn asks Dr.Ish why she has to turn in her baby and he responds Because that’s just the way it is for now.” To see the rest of what happened tune in to WeTv on Thursday at 9 pm.