The COVID-19 has people locked up in their homes all over the world like never before, and as people start to self-quarantine themselves many are starting to feel frisky.

It is like a bad 1984 re-enactment and people are not having a lot of human contact at all. While many industries are seeing the decline as a result (people not coming into work and are being asked to stay home), one business is on the rise: Porn.

The big dog of them all is the adult website Pornhub and they have reportedly been reaping the benefits of the coronavirus lockdowns. According to Pornhub the upticks in global traffic started at the top of March. The site started measuring the daily traffic after Forbes engaged their company’s statisticians to help them with some research. The money mag’s hypothesis is that there would be a drastic spike in global viewership and traffic… and they were right.

The site reports the following:


“Pornhub’s statisticians first looked at how the daily level of traffic has changed since the outbreak of Coronavirus. Comparisons were made to an average traffic period in early February. Because traffic varies depending on the day of the week, each day was compared to the same day during the average period.

It became evident that as people were spending more time at home, either self-isolating or working at home, that traffic to Pornhub had risen. Worldwide traffic to Pornhub was up 11.6% on March 17th.

The study shows that traffic was up a little bit (1.8%)on March 1 and dropped the next day, March 2 (0.5%). By March 4, it had leaped up to 2.2%.

On March 9, the traffic continued to grow 2.7%, starting a course that would increase day after day, after day. Now, it is about 11.6% more visitors than usual as of March 17.

The report looked directly at North America and stated:

“Isolation efforts began later in North America, but the following charts show that more visitors from the United States and Canada were staying at home and logging into Pornhub. Traffic from the United States (Pornhub’s largest market) was up 6.4% on March 17th, and 7.2% in Canada.”

A lot of people are stuck at home and they are not just Netflixing and chilling… They are spending their time with themselves (or a special someone) and probably going to bed smiling.