Former UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier is looking to retire from the sport of mixed martial arts.

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The 41-year-old former collegiate wrestling star has only lost to two opponents his entire career. Those opponents were Stipe Miocic and real-life rival, Jon Jones.

Cormier wants to put a period on his career with one of them.


“I know we’re in a crazy time right with the world and the way that things are, and it’s very up in the air,” Cormier said Friday on Instagram Live.

“But I think for me with the way things are going and the discussions we had heading into all this, the way that the discussions and the terms of the fight was going, man, where I am going to fight this guy, for my last fight. It’s going to be ideal for me as I could’ve ever hoped for. It’s going to be beautiful!”

Cormier has all but solidified his place in the UFC Hall of Fame. As the second of only four fighters in the UFC to hold titles in two different weight classes simultaneously.

Currently, a color commentator for UFC broadcasts, Cormier is a pay-per-view star and lobbied for a swan song fight with former UFC heavyweight champ and WWE star, Brock Lesnar.

Unfortunately, Lesnar didn’t grant the request but D.C. losing to Miocic at UFC 241via TKO is more than enough motivation.

“Some guy asked me, ‘You going to keep fighting?’ I said, ‘No, I got one.’ Some of these young guys are very young. I don’t have to fight a young guy. Miocic is about 38 years old. I got to fight one old guy one more time. That’s it. I ain’t fighting no 27-year-old dude.”