The Staples Center in Los Angeles is at the center of an athletic coronavirus outbreak.

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The home to the Lakers and Clippers and the NHL’s Kings stepped up cleaning and sanitizing once the outbreak began. However, the arena hosted 39 events after the first case of COVID-19 was diagnosed in Los Angeles county.

These included high profile events like the memorial service for Kobe Bryant, the Grammy Awards, bull riding, L.A. Kings hockey games, and 19 games involving the Lakers or Clippers.


Then on March 11th, sports stopped everywhere as the rampant spread of the virus had reached NBA locker rooms.

In addition, at least eight athletes who played recently in the Staples Center have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

According to reports, this includes Brooklyn Nets players, including Kevin Durant, unidentified Lakers players, and two members of the NHL’s Ottawa Senators. The crossover between leagues, heavy event schedules, and more can easily spread a virus.

However, the Staples Center was an unwitting conduit.

The Staples Center hosts about 250 events each year. They also have up to 1,700 part-time employees at games. Recently, they have installed 120 hand-sanitizing stations throughout the arena, including locker rooms, on March 1.

Sanitizing methods such as disinfectant product purchases and new equipment to minimize the spread of germs in its five locker rooms, 48 restrooms and a slew of other private and public areas have also been employed.