You probably thought that Chet Hanks got his swag from his legend of a pop, Tom Hanks. You might be wrong on that one. The origins of his lyrical dexterity could be linked to his moms, Rita Wilson, who posted on Instagram her spitting some of the fastest and cumbersome lyrics in all of rap music history.

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MC Ri Ri W rapped both Treach and Vin Roc’s lyrics on their 1992 platinum-selling song, “Hip Hop Hooray.”

The actress and singer have been locked up with her husband Tom Hanks in Australia for about a week and a half. On March 12th, the two of them revealed to the world that they both were diagnosed with the coronavirus. They were some of the very first celebrities to tell the public about their contracting the disease.


As you might imagine, quarantine could possibly drive you crazy (particularly if you are used to traveling and doing what you want). In a video on her IG, titled “Quarantine Stir Crazy,” she seems to go stupid dumb with the rhymes, losing her mind with a Newark-like possession to the hit song. We were looking for the padlock, bat and the sock hat to pop off to further authenticate her skills.

Let us know how you think she did.

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See it to believe it

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She is pretty dope. Now, that is not to say that Tom can’t rap. Exhibit “A.”

That’s a clip from his hit movie, Big, says that he can’t. It is ok. Chet is surely fine with his mom being his “O.G.” in rhyme. We all know Hanks is a national treasure as an actor and philanthropist. We hope he and Rita feels better.