We have seen Ms. Tina on runways, red carpets, behind the scenes and always appearing as glamorous as her famous two daughters.

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The 66-year-old grandma has seemed to defy time and generation, always looking flawless and youthful. Pulled together, she brings the beauty of her Creole heritage and the pizzazz of her own creativity to her every move becoming one fine example of fabulosity.

Basically, she is the mom that many of us wish could be ours. But is it… she is a mom. She is not only a mom and a grandmom, but she is a senior citizen. And despite her vampire-like agelessness, she has encountered some of the challenges that other seasoned sexys have: She has had both knees replaced.


The beauty care and fashion entrepreneur took to Instagram to share her story and to encourage people to get the surgery once the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

She also encouraged people to self-isolate, giving some inspiration at the end, “God is with us and remember this too shall pass.”