Hip-Hop is the best. As a culture, we were birthed our of inventive ingenuity. When we didn’t have big-time generators, we plugged up to the light post. When we didn’t have community centers, we make the playground our dance halls. No instruments? Borrow from your parents’ record selection, sampling to making instruments of recycled beats. We just know how to make hot fire out of thin air.

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And in this current world of self-quarantines and isolations, we are here making magic again. Like always, the ones to usually spark it off in our culture, are the DJs. Check how the transform the apps on our cell phones into virtual clubs. The most celebrated has been D-Nice, who basically broke the internet last week with his sets that brought out almost every luminary in the nation including our Forever First Lady, Michelle Obama, and Oprah Winfrey and almost all of the Democratic presidential candidates (in the race and those who dropped). Since his “Homeschoolin'” set was so popular, Mrs. Obama hit him up for a live virtual voter registration activation: Taking Rock the Vote all the way into the 2020s.

but it is important to note that there are others.


Here are other disc jockeys that continue to help us get through this time with music that will sure to move us.


This vet spinner has been rocking his #BlockPartyMix all over the place since the world has been practicing social distancing. He has already set up a quarantine playlist, hit up WorldStarHipHop and Fox Soul for a crazy set and even SiriusXM.


Known as the Miles Davis of Hip-Hop production, this DJ is not just a great party starter, but the heart of some of your favorite rap songs. He rocked a birthday set, but perhaps he will come back to kick with his fans again.


Today, Dave Chappelle joined his personal tour DJ’s day party. Tag after tag, share after share, partygoers were able to see exactly why this day party with its unique blend of R&B is a sure-shot for good vibes.


One of New York’s finest and a favorite with HBCUs and BGLOs, DJ Jon Quick embodies the Clark Kent persona and becomes superman on the wheels. Like Trauma, he also does a brunch set called “The Prequel” rocks R&B, classic Hip-Hop and Afrobeats every day from 12 PM to 4 PM.


Let’s give it up for the ladies. Check out these queen divas that come together to sprinkle all of that #BlackGirlMagic all over the InstaGLAM to show all those music listeners surfing from account to account that women can get busy too.


For the first time ever, USC is hosting a series of online Quarantine Cooler Fetes featuring the USC DJs and a few special guests to make the experience of the actual ship and carnival pops up vividly on your device.


Rapper extraordinaire takes to the turntables with the same level of expertise as he does when rhyming, delivering up a classic battle between Michael Jack and Prince for fans. Now, who are you with? The gloved one or the purple one?


And just so you know that we truly rock with that SOURCELATINO, we love what DJ Yamile offered up this weekend. Representing “La Isla Bonita,” he pumped out vibes for hours while hundreds of thousands hopped on.