Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson accused an NYPD Deputy Inspector of domestic abuse in an Instagram post on Monday night. Now the other 5-0 wants to sue the rapper.

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In a since-deleted post, Fiddy said that Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez allegedly punched his wife in the face.

“He caught a DV domestic violence case he punched his wife in the face,” 50 wrote in the post. “This guy was just no good,” he added.

In response, Gonzalez has adamantly denied the accusation. However, he is now considering legal repercussions against the hip hop entrepreneur according to multiple reports.


There has been a long-running beef with the Auxiliary Deputy Inspector and 50. The officer works at the 72nd Precinct in the Sunset Park section of Queens.

Apparently, the rivalry started when Gonzalez allegedly executed a shakedown on the owner of Love & Lust, a nightclub.

The club owner, Imran Jairam, claims the police and State Liquor Authority have “unfairly targeted” the nightclub. He claims Gonzalez asked for “gifts” and once he didn’t comply, problems arose.

Then 50 seemed to threaten Gonzalez in another since-deleted Instagram post in May 2019, where he used his catchphrase “Get the strap”.

Remember this is law enforcement and that can be deemed as a threat of gun violence. Although the hip hop community knows it is a tongue-in-cheek playful reference, Gonzalez is taking it seriously.

According to reports, Gonzalez allegedly told officers during roll call on June 7, 2019, that if they see the rapper they should “shoot him on sight”.

He was transferred from the 72nd Precinct to the lead the Auxiliary force earlier this month, in what sources described as a demotion.