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On Tuesday, the Asian stock market increased after the U.S. Federal Reserve promised to support the continents’ struggling economy as Congress delayed action on a $2 trillion coronavirus aid package.

Market benchmarks increased by nearly 7% in South Korea and Tokyo while Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Australian markets also gained. The Fed’s promise to buy as many Treasurys and other necessary assets influenced traders. This was the outcome of Wall Street falling by 3% after Congress neglected to affirm a monetary support package. It would send checks to U.S. families and offer help for independent ventures and the travel industry, yet Democrats state it favors organizations too vigorously targeting laborers and public health.

Asia Pacific Market Strategist, Stephen Innes said in a report, “Asian investors like what they see from an all-in Fed which is being viewed in a very impressive light for both Main and Wall Street even as the U.S. congress dithers.” 

The Fed’s promise goes past the $700 billion in purchases declared a week ago. The national bank said it will purchase a wide scope of investments, including corporate securities, to improve exchanging markets that help home purchasers buy houses, state and neighborhood governments obtain and organizations to get enough transient money to make payroll.


James Knightley of ING says, “The pressure is now on Congress to get its act together and provide the support that the Fed cannot do, helping the vulnerable people who face the biggest health and economic consequences. The risk is that this wall of support from the Fed and the positive reaction in markets may give Congress a sense that it has more time and the pressure to deliver a package is reduced.”