It looks like Lil Kim is gearing up to release some new music and she’s tapping some of the sounds of the new generation for help. The Hip-Hop legend posted a picture of them in the studio and called him “one of my biggest music idols.”

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Before the blogs reposted the pictures and began speculating that the artists were a new item, Kim explained exactly what they’re doing together and why she has so much love for him. “And before y’all get started wit ya mess me and my friend @torylanez (and one of the executive producer’s of my next album) and I oop! 🙊 😂 We just be having so much fun when we be working in the studio!! I guess it’s safe to say I’m a big fan of Toronto!!”

Lil Kim was also spotted in the studio with rising Brooklyn rapper, Fivio Foreign, recently. Do you think he’ll be featured on this unnamed project?