According to a new brief from the New York Post, 300 more inmates on NYC’s Riker’s Island jail facility will be released in an attempt to stop the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

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Mayor Bill De Blasio says that the inmates to be let go are serving terms of less than a year for non-violent, misdemeanor offenses.

“We will move to release those 300 inmates immediately,” the mayor said, adding it may take a few days to process.


De Blasio says that he’s currently working with the city’s district attorneys to release another 800 inmates, with the overwhelming majority of them being held for parole violations. De Blasio was adamant that he would not be releasing any domestic violence of sex crime offenders.

“Although we’ll continue to look at cases individually, I’m not comfortable releasing those individuals at this point.”

With NYC’s Department of Corrections being the site of the largest coronavirus outbreak in the country this past weekend, hundreds of cases will be reviewed and more inmates are predicted to be released.

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