Fif’s character comes to shake things up on For Life.

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ABC’s newest late-night drama is a unique story and 50 Cent is the brains behind it all. Based on the true-life story of New Jersey attorney, Isaac Wright Jr, For Life follows jailhouse lawyer Aaron Wallace, who works to prove his innocence after obtaining a law degree while incarcerated. The circumstances are tough enough practicing law being behind bars, but his perseverance is what makes Wallace admirable.

Through five episodes, Wallace has his ups and downs but maintains steady progress at bringing the NY state Prosecutors’ office to its feet. He takes on cases of inmates in order to build his courtroom reputation. At the end of each case, whether won or lost, he still has to return to the prison compound.


In the series’ most recent episode, viewers are introduced to a new character, Cassius Dawkins. Dawkins is played by the series’ executive producer 50 Cent. Portrayed as a prison vet with a lot of juice, Cassius stirs up his new prison home from the moment he stepped on the yard. He blackmails Wallace into using his burner phone, as well as disrupting the in-house drug operation. It is unsure how much trouble Dawkins will cause. Based on his introduction, this is only the beginning.

At this point in his career, everyone is aware that 50 Cent is a jack of all trades. From a legendary rap career and a successful business portfolio, his transition to television seemed seamless. He executive produced and acted one of the most anticipated television dramas with Power and looks to replicate the same success with For Life on ABC.

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