Bill Cosby is the latest high-profile inmate who wants to be released from prison amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Its already been confirmed that inmates and correction officers in several facilities tested positive for the virus. Even Harvey Weinstein reportedly tested positive, so the disgraced comedian is concerned and wants to serve the rest of his sentence on house arrest.

The 82-year-old’s legal team is preparing to file a motion to get him released from SCI Phoenix in Montgomery County. A representative for Cosby told Page Six, “We believe it is only a matter of time before Mr. Cosby’s prison likely falls victim to the virus, such a confined space is the perfect place for a virus to spread rapidly, it is hazardous to the prison staff and vulnerable inmates. Bill Cosby is no detriment or danger to the community. He can’t go anywhere, he is elderly, he is blind. He can stay under house arrest with an ankle bracelet, as he did before, with his wife taking care of him. Let him do his time at home.”


Bill Cosby’s rep, Andrew Wyatt, claims there are several prison officers at the Pennsylvania detention center that tested positive for COVID-19, but they didn’t confirm or deny the claims when the outlet reached out.

Wyatt added, “We are now preparing a motion to ask the court and the state to release Mr. Cosby from prison and place him under house arrest for the duration of his sentence.

“We are not doing this because he is Bill Cosby, our concern is that he is 82, he is blind and has close contact with workers who take him to his medical appointments every day in a wheelchair, they take him for his meals and clean his cell. If they get infected, they could pass it on to him.”

Tekashi 6ix9ine recently asked to be released early due to concerns about the coronavirus spreading through the prison system and his alleged pre-existing conditions. Weinstein is reportedly being isolated after testing positive. This all comes after President Trump acknowledged the vulnerability of ill and elderly inmates.

Do you think Cosby should be released on house arrest to complete the rest of his 10-year sentence in his 9,000-square-foot mansion in Elkins Park, Pa, alongside his wife?