It’s safe to say the relationship between Blueface and his mother hasn’t always been in good standing. The last time the mother-son pair was in the headlines, Blueface was seen in a video, apparently kicking his mother and sister out of his home. The rapper then released a line in his song “Disrespectful” that didn’t leave a good taste in everyone’s mouth. “On my mom and my sis’, had to kick my own blood out. They must forgot I was a Crip,” the rapper penned.

The rapper’s mother then wrote a lengthy message saying that she does not recognize her son following his new rap fame. “My son has never disrespected me or any adults as long as he has been on this earth. There’s not a teacher, coach, principal, family member or anyone else who will testify that he has ever! The person I exposed was Mr. BlueFace that was not my son and I made sure he knew it. Whoever is creating this person was put on notice that I’ll put the whole situation on blast to protect my son,” his mother, Karlissa Saffold wrote.

Well, it seems as though the relationship between the two is in a better place following a video of the two on Instagram. On Tuesday, Blueface offers his mother a deal that we can call …. unique. “I’ll give you one thousand dollars if you let me crack two eggs on your head,’ he offered. In an attempt to renegotiate the offer his mother responded, “$1,000 per egg.” The rapper only cracked one egg on his mother’s head for $1000 after all. The two shared a laugh at the end of the video, its good to see the two in happier spirits!

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