Your favorite opinionated actor, Michael Rappaport is back at it with a coronavirus edition.

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Rappaport is fed up with people not following the coronavirus rules of social distancing and staying indoors. He let the world have it, personally!

“Yo we’re going to start seeing PSA’s from celebrities, actors, musicians today. I was actually asked to do one, where they say, ‘please stay inside, i’m so and so, please stay inside.


“I’m not doing it, i’m not asking please. I’m telling m*therf*&kers stay our little punk dirty sh*t stained ass inside. Parents, go outside grab your f*&king kids by the neck if you have sons. Grab your daughters by the f*&king wedgy panty area and grab them inside.”

The almost 3-minute rant is epic and Rappaport is big mad at children who can’t stay inside and the parents who don’t enforce the quarantine. After going full old head, Rappaport characterizes millennials as selfish, yolo, tattooed faces.

He encourages parents to stop being nice and to become enforcers. It is funny but refreshing to see Rappaport channeling his inner neighborhood elder.

You know the type that would snitch to your Mom if they saw you hanging out on the corner. He is on full tilt in the video and it is coronavirus viral approved.