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As more information develops, more passengers of the Princess Cruise Line come forward with lawsuits. The most recent plaintiffs, Jefferey and Anabel Jones and Eddy Castellanos sue the cruise line for $1 million dollars claiming that they were terribly careless in permitting them to go on the Grand Princess cruise ship despite being aware of the potential exposure to the coronavirus.

The Jones and Catellanos believe that the Princess Crusie Lines should have taken heed to the potential exposure of the outbreak following what happened with another one of the companies cruise ships. The Diamond was isolated off the shoreline of Japan due to coronavirus worries prior to the Grand setting sail. The three passengers claim that instead of canceling the sailing of the Grand ship, they ignored it and continued to set sail, putting them at risk of receiving the virus.

Two of the three passengers are elderly. Since the pandemic has begun, it has been learned that those that are elderly are more at risk if diagnosed with the virus. They claim that despite this information, Princess Cruise Lines “chose to place profits over the safety of its passengers, crew and the general public in continuing to operate business as usual.”

Princess Cruise Line claims to have warned their travelers of the risk of the coronavirus in an email that was allegedly sent out on February 25th. The passengers deny any recall of this email, claiming that if they had knowledge of the potential risk, they would have left the ship at its next stop in Honolulu.