The COVID-19 Pandemic has led many individuals all over the world to experience an increase in their mental health symptoms.  The Happy Therapist, the State of New Jersey’s most well known medical marijuana provider is well aware of societies current mental health crisis and is creating change in her home state with alternative treatment approaches that include medical marijuana. “People are suffering. The uncertainty of the times causes nervousness about what is to come tomorrow. This puts many of us at risk to experience anxiety, depression and trauma and it only increases the severity of symptoms for those people who already struggle with these conditions.” 

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The Happy Therapist, a double board licensed psychotherapist in NJ, has facilitated NJ’s first three medical marijuana program card drives for people who suffer from the eligible mental health symptoms for NJ’s Medical Marijuana Program. Since 2017, she has helped 1000’s of individuals through her pioneering work through ‘The Cannabis Health Program at COIT’, a ground breaking Mental Health and Medical Marijuana Treatment Program that specializes in providing clinical intervention to self-medicating and undiagnosed individuals who suffer with Anxiety or Trauma related symptoms. 

“People are seeking ways to feel okay again. And it’s okay that they are seeking alternative medication. It’s naturopathic and it is effective with the right tools and support. That’s why providing education and intervention is important. We help our clients use medical marijuana legally and safely, while helping them reduce any potential for risk or harm,” says the smiley therapist.  “We are the catalysts and essential community workers who are helping people to create a change in the way they address treating their mental health symptoms.” 


To respond to the current Corona Virus Pandemic, The Happy Therapist is facilitating a Tele-Health Medical Marijuana Program Drive to provide intervention to those New Jersey sufferers of PTSD and Anxiety. The State of New Jersey has identified Medical Marijuana Dispensaries as essential businesses, asserting the States position on continuing to supply the public with healthy alternative medications. The Tele-Health Medical Marijuana Program Card Drive facilitated by the Center of Inner Transformations, NJ’s Leading Alternative Mental Health & Substance Use Agency will be held on Saturday, March 28 – Sunday March 29, 2020. To find out more information about the drive, you can visit COITHEALTH.COM or email