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A teenager in Lancaster, California is one of the youngest victims to die from the coronavirus in the United States. The teen initially went to the hospital concerning acute respiratory problems but was not tested for the deadly virus.

“How do you take a kid in for having respiratory problems and you don’t test him?” said Mayor R. Rex Parris of Lancaster. “I am so livid.”

Mayor R. Rex Parris shares that the seventeen-year-old boy had died from septic shock, a reaction to a far-reaching disease that can cause hazardously low blood pressure and organ failure. Mayor Parris also tells that the unidentified teen’s father also has contracted the disease and worked in a job that required him to have close contact with the public. He mentioned that the teen had a past history of long term health problems but as of recent, the teen has been very healthy. “We’re the first city in the nation to lose a child and that is unbearable to me,” the Mayor states.

The teen could have survived the battle against the virus, had he been tested earlier. Positive results came back after the teen’s death causing the furious mayor to have this to say, “I’m really upset right now. I thought this was a disease that affected people my age. Now I realize our kids are at risk. That’s something totally different.”


Following the unfortunate turn of events, Mayor Parris has now enforced children in Lancaster to quarantine. “We are enforcing the law in Lancaster,” the 68-year-old mayor stated. “I will not lose another child.”