The novel coronavirus, otherwise known as Covid-19, has become a global pandemic and the United States is now the epicenter.

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As China, the country where the coronavirus originated, lifts all of its restrictions for its residents, the U.S. has passed China and Italy with the most confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the world on Thursday.

The Johns Hopkins University dashboard showed the U.S. with 82,404 COVID-19 infections as of March 25 6 p.m., ET, moving past Italy (80,589) and China (81,782).


This sad distinction comes on the same day that an unprecedented number of Americans filed for unemployment and the number of fatalities due to the virus is headed towards 1,400. Despite the fact that the country is facing such a historic crisis, President Trump is echoing his sentiment that Americans need to go back to work.

The new numbers also reflect the delayed availability of testing resources, leaving officials with no way to track the virus’ spread. The upside? The U.S. and the Trump Administration have stepped up protocols in identifying infected people and containing the virus. The House is scheduled to take up a Senate-passed, $2 trillion emergency aid proposal Friday(March 27).