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For the past couple of weeks, you have seen Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institue of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, alongside President Trump. On Tuesday, he was seen next to another familiar face in Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry in discussing coronavirus and future large events. Over 50,000 people tuned into the live stream.

“My question is what needs to happen in terms of the numbers or what metric are you looking at to be able to then determine at mass large gatherings, sporting events, those type of things, are OK to revisit as not a threat to continue the spread of the virus?” Curry asked Fauci.

“What you need is you need to see the trajectory of the curve start to come down. We’ve seen that in China, they went up and down, they’re starting to get back to some normal life,” Dr. Fauci responded. They got to be careful they don’t reintroduce the virus into China, but they’re on the other end of the curve. Korea is doing that, they’re starting to come back down. Europe, particularly Italy, is in a terrible situation, they’re still going way up. The United States is a big country, we have so many different regions.”

Dr. Fauci would provide some additional examination into the state of America.


“New York City right now is having a terrible time and yet there are places in the country that are doing really quite well. You could probably identify people, contact-trace and get them out of circulation, whereas in New York City, it’s doing what’s called mitigation, trying to prevent as best you can, the spread,” Dr. Fauci said.

You can catch all the details of the conversation with Chef Curry and Dr. Fauci below.