Things are all good between Lil Wayne and Birdman now, but we couldn’t say that about five years ago.

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The duo was entangled in an ugly beef and in 2015 Baby and his new artist at the time, Young Thug, were linked to Weezy’s Atlanta tour bus shooting. However, neither of them were charged and the driver thinks they made an undisclosed deal with the District Attorney.

TMZ reports the driver, Alvin Lewis, filed a document questioning why the Cash Money CEO and Thugger haven’t been charged although they’ve been named as co-conspirators in the indictment of the alleged shooter, Jimmy Winfrey. Lewis highlighted the evidence the link Birdman and the “Best Friend” rapper to the shooting including confessions, phone records, and payments.


Lewis also claims he suffered physical and mental injuries following the incident. He admits that prosecutors kept him in the loop in regards to Winfrey’s case, but he gets shut down anytime he inquires about Birdman and Young Thug. Lewis is alleging the Hip Hop stars made a deal with the District Attorney and wants proof of it handed over if this is the case.

Lil Wayne is tight-lipped about his personal life for the most part, but he doesn’t seem to be dwelling on either man being charged.

The Supreme Court in Georgia overturned Winfrey’s conviction and he’s currently being retried.

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