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An unidentified male from New Jersey went to stay with some friends on an island in Vinalhaven, Maine. The group of men rented the Maine home as they had been working on a construction job in the area since September. Neighbors of the house he shared with his roommates, chopped down a tree, not only blocking his road but preventing him from leaving his home because the Maine neighbors believed he had the coronavirus.

The male resident recalls going outside on Friday to check for a reason that would explain why he began experiencing problems with his cable, to which he would be surprised by a tree blocking his road. As the male investigated the tree in his road, an angry mob of neighbors began to gather around the male as they yelled at him to go back into the house. In fear that the group would harm him, the male ran back into his home.

After notifying his roommates of the issue, they were able to use a VHF radio to contact the coast guard and ask for help. When law enforcement arrived at the scene, they were able to conclude that the tree had clearly been cut down. Authorities claim that none of the New Jersey residents showed any signs of the deadly coronavirus disease.


Targeting people because of their license plates will not serve any of us well,” said State Rep. Genevieve McDonald, as they uncovered that the neighbors saw the New Jersey license plate of the men, causing them to attack in the first place. “Except for in the most extreme circumstances, we do not have the authority to control the movement of US citizens within our borders, and frankly, I’m concerned about the number of people who are eager to hand their rights over to the government,” she added.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Department stated that anyone who feels that someone has contracted the coronavirus and isn’t following rules should immediately contact the police. They also added that restricting someone’s movement is a potential violation of the law….in other words, don’t take matters into your own hands!