In the music production world, there are certain people who are considered great. Undoubtedly, super-producer Quincy Jones is one of those names, however, that has never stopped any comparisons to today’s greats.

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Twitter just exploded after someone mentioned that they thought Kanye West was a better producer than Quincy Jones.

Jones is the architect behind the global anthem “We Are The World” and Michael Jackson’s legendary Thriller album. This is just a short view of his decades-long career.


West is a hip hop staple. From being the man behind the boards for many JAY-Z, Common, and others, Kanye West is hip hop breakout star turned icon.

However, is Twitter wrong for comparing these two greats? Let’s see more of what the people have to say!

Let the great debate continue but it is undeniable that the people look at Quincy’s years of experience and impactful records as the difference-maker.