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Diddy wants everyone to come together and help find solutions for health care workers.

“We are just starting to get to the love,” Diddy says in a 3 min Instagram video. “We have to get together to find the cure, to fix the thing with the health care workers, to get the economy back on top, and to make life different.”

Diddy continued by urging  everyone who views themselves as a superhero to “step it up.” 


Diddy ended by reminding us that even in these hard times you can’t depend on someone who doesn’t care about you. He explains, “It’s not Trump’s fault. He doesn’t give an F about us. It’s not his fault. I know what I’m getting. I know what I’m in too.”

At the end of the day, Diddy wants us to come together as people because we are the ones who are actually in charge of our destiny. 

“We have to wake up and know what we’re into.  We have to figure out how to save each other. F the politics and the bureaucracy and waiting for the same sh!t forever. Old white men with grey hair controlling our destiny, f that! We are magic. We control our destiny. We run this sh!t. Us as a whole.”