It looks like there’s still beef between your favorite Cheetah Sisters, Adrienne Houghton and Kiely Williams. Before the Disney stars stole the hearts of many teenage girls across America, they were in an R&B group with Power star, Naturi Naughton called 3LW.

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During the early 2000s 3LW had many in their feelings with some of their greatest hits, “No More” (Baby Ima Do Right), “Playas Gon’ Play,” and “Parents Just Don’t Understand.” Although the group had a number one song, they didn’t get to reach their fullest potential before rumors of fighting between the girls broke out, causing Naturi Naughton to leave the trio. in which she would later be replaced with Jessica Benson.

Singer, Kiely Williams has cleared her name via Instagram live in regards to rumors that the singer heard that were dug up from the past. “We had just got our first number one song. We were not prepared for this. Why would we kick someone out of the group when we got our first number one ever?” Kiely asked referencing the rumor that the girls got Natauri kicked out of the group. In an interview with TVOne Naturi addressed what went down in an incident at KFC that led to her leaving the group. She told producers that an argument that ended in her getting a plate full of mashed potatoes to the face is what drew her to depart from the group. “I said I’m not doing it, IM going home,” the Power star stated.


On Live, Kiely denies throwing any plate of food at Naturi. “If I have to choose between dropping my baby sister and a plate of food flying as Im reaching for someone’s neck..Im going to keep my baby sister in my arms,” Kiely states. “Why would I throw chick- that’s wasting food. I was going for her neck. You called my momma a b*tch, Ima come,” she added.

A fan asked Kiely if she could add Adrienne to her live. “I don’t think Adrienne wants to have live TV with me,” she responded. “‘Cause she’s gon’ have to say, ‘Yes Kiely, I did pretend to be your best friend. Now, I am not.’ You were either lying then or you’re lying now. You either were my best friend and now you’re just not claiming me or you were pretending to be my best friend.”

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