It’s been a year since the untimely death of rap star/philanthropist Nipsey Hussle but the gifts he shared still permeate throughout the world.

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Nipsey Hussle was one of the MC’s that stood for something. In an era where drugs, infidelity and violence were glorified through music, Nipsey brought the hood together. He gave the hood hope, taught kids about ownership, real estate, loving one queen and building your legacy. Growing up I never had my mom or my dad to guide me through life’s harsh realities….I had hip hop. I studied Queen Latifah who reminded me I was a queen. I had Public Enemy blasting in my headsets teaching me to love myself. KMD’s visuals in their video ‘Who Me’ resonated with my dark skin and made me love myself. Arrested Development, Tupac Shakur, KRS-One and more gave young black children confidence when some of us had none.


Fast forward to today, it’s a struggle to find uplifting rap music that encourages and motivates. Yes we have Rapsody and Killer Mike but it’s a stretch to hear them on the radio stations that promote pop rap music. Before he passed, Nipsey was scheduled to produce a documentary on the late Dr. Sebi. Nipsey was big on health and wanted others to learn more about the food system and what we put into our bodies. His theories made people talk about Sebi and research the food industry while a huge population went vegan. He taught us about taking back and owning our neighborhoods. From real estate to starting our own businesses Nipsey—much like Tupac sparked a thought that changed a generation. 

Many of us weren’t taught about owning our own from our parents because they may not have had that knowledge themselves. Like many of the great leaders before him including my friend Dr Khalid Muhammad who also passed—they both spoke about ownership.I didn’t come from a rich family but a rich family will come for me. I am inspired by Nipsey. Starting somewhere is better than doing nothing at all. I recently began a business for my 3-year old daughter selling a product that she already loved—Seamoss Gel. Promoting health is wealth I want to teach her about having her own and building her legacy—inspired by Nipsey. 

“Stay motivated, stay inspired and show love to your people.” From the words of the late great Nipsey Hussle. May he continue to rest in power and may he shine through us.