Anyone who spends more than five minutes around Aquarius Jones knows that he’s a guy who just loves life. His ready smile and full-bellied laugh are infectious. He takes joy in the little things – like eating crab legs any night of the week, or popping a dance move out of the blue whenever he hears a good tune. He is, in a word: fun.

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That characteristic shines brightest through his music. As an entertainer, Aquarius has been uplifting fans all across the U.S. for many years with vibes that are simultaneously invigorating and captivating. His beats catch listeners and hook them into the song and before they know it, most people are moving their feet and grinding their bodies to the groove.

One of the best songs that puts this on display is his newest single “Party.” One of the standout singles from his album “All In,” “Party” is exactly the kind of song one would think is from its title. The up-tempo Hip Hop vibe fuses Pop and R&B flavor in a way that is ear candy to anyone who listens.


“The response to this song has been great,” Aquarius said. “It’s been getting a lot of love from both the younger crowd and the older crowd, and I know it’s because of the energy of the song. It’s cool to see how it makes people want to move and dance and vibe, and how it just gives them that energy. It’s one of those songs that if you’ve had a long day or you’re going through something, you can just play the track and it’ll give you that good vibe.”

The song is one that Aquarius points to as a sign of the evolution he’s taken as an artist over the years. He started singing, rapping and participating in talent shows and writing his own music at the age of 9. By age 16, he knew it was more than just a hobby, and he started to pursue music full-time. He began to develop a signature sound and style – including his blue electric hair – and that combination of swag and pure passion paired perfectly with his clear and meaningful lyrics. 

But like many artists who try to create music that relates to wider audiences, Aquarius said he found himself stuck in a comfort zone. He was really good at making his own sound, but that sound was becoming similar. He knew he had to explore and stretch his artistic expression. 

“My growth is seen the most through the maturity of everything I create these days,” he said. “I spent a lot of years just learning and listening. I’ve worked hard to figure out how to make the kind of music I want to be remembered by forever. Evolving and knowing what will keep me here lasting for a long time has been a huge journey for me … and challenging. But it has also been successful. And I love the new Aquarius Jones.”

With the success of “Party” creating a wave of excitement across the country (more than 250,000 streams as of this writing), and as more people clamor to download his album “All In” when it drops on March 27, Aquarius said he’s ready to take his career to the next level. He’ll take that next step with another single called “The Bag” which was released on Feb 28 and like the single “Party”, is making a lot of noise. He has several performances scheduled in the upcoming months where you can see him LIVE.